Getting Started

Many people want to jump right into the diet as soon as they get Eat Live Thrive Diet book and are not sure how to do so without reading it cover to cover.  While we believe some of the most important parts of our Lifestyle plan have to do with changing your mindset and habits which are covered in Part 1 of the book,  you can jump into Part 2 – The Plan by following this quick start below.  However once you get started be sure to go back to the beginning of the book and read Part 1 Preparation to start implementing the strategies set forth to renew your mind and start changing old habits and mindsets so that you can lock in your weight loss and health results for Life!

Quick Start

Phase 1 Elimination:

  1. Choose your level for Phase 1 Elimination –  ELT Diet pages 57 – 72
  2. Print Phase 1 Elimination Worksheets & Shopping list
  3. Record Weight & Measurements and Take a Before Photo
  4. Decide how you will use the ELT Eating Cycle – ELT Diet pages 49-56
  5. Choose your start date and begin your 14 day Elimination Phase

Phase 2 Discovery:

  1. Weigh and Measure
  2. Record Your Elimination Phase 1 Results  – ELT Diet page 88
  3. Print Phase 2 Worksheets Discovery Testing
  4. Choose which food you will begin testing
  5. Begin testing your first food
  6. Complete the My New Food Choices Worksheet.

Phase 3 Lifestyle:

  1. Weigh and Measure
  2. Print Phase 2 Post Discovery Worksheet and record results
  3. Choose which Lifestyle plan you will use “Keep it Simple” or “By the Numbers” – ELT Diet pages 107-128
  4. Print Phase 3 Lifestyle worksheets of your choice.
  5. Begin Lifestyle Journey

Remember that these 3 phases are designed to cycle through over and over, it’s about progress not perfection.  Do the best you can in each phase and remember you can always create a fresh start at your very next meal.