Eat Live Thrive Diet

Eat, Live, Thrive Diet shows women how they can not only lose excess body fat permanently but also improve their overall health in critical areas such as brain function, resistance to disease, slowing down external aging, and increasing energy.

We share our personal experiences of battling weight and emotional eating issues and how our Eat, Live, Thrive Diet is a viable eating plan that can work for you as well. It is so much more than a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Our plan emphasizes specific techniques like lowering grain and sugar intake and the benefit of short-term intermittent fasting– that can make it much easier and more effective for many mature women to reach their health and weight loss goals.

We not only show you what to do to rev up your mid-life metabolism, but we also teach you how to get yourself to actually do it by applying principles that will help you change your habits once and for all from the inside out!