So many women have not only lost weight, but enhanced their health and felt younger using the Eat Live Thrive Diet & Lifestyle Plan. Here are just a few of those women’s before and after pictures. One day, we’d love to add YOU to this page!

Blanche Lost 23 Pounds

LaCretia Lost 43 Pounds

Liz Lost 17 Pounds

Sandi Lost 25 Pounds

What Our Clients Experience

Sheila’s Story

Sandi’s Story

“I am now down 42 total pounds and lots more inches. It has made a big difference in how I feel and my confidence and I have been able to keep it off so far.  I’m also down 3 pant sizes! Danna and Robyn’s diet and some added supplements have helped me achieve this. I believe that losing slowly really is better and more sustainable! I was able to lose some of this even through Christmas and New Year’s holidays and two vacations. If an almost  56 year-old woman in menopause, who could not lose weight no matter how hard I tried can do it, you can too!” 


“Thanks to God for directing me to Danna and Robyn!  For the past sixteen years, I have felt my hips getting stiffer and stiffer.  Of course, I gained weight as well and was not able to exercise like I needed.  I was diagnosed with hip bursitis and have had many types of physical therapy.  I’ve also seen a number of specialists, and not one could identify the underlying reason for my continued pain and immobility.  I am a NEW person! I’ve lost twenty two pounds, and the decrease in my inflammation in my body after doing Phase 1 of the diet has allowed me to walk again with ease!  I kid you not—my husband and I were both thinking I would need to use a walker in the very near future.  Now I take only a low dose of anti-inflammatory on occasion and I feel better than I have in years.  Thank you so much!

“My body, mind, and spirit responded beautifully to the Elimination Phase of this diet.  I had not known just how good I could feel until I implemented Danna and Robyn’s system.”

“This diet has recipes that taste delicious!  This is not a diet where we’re forced to suffer eating celery sticks or what I call “rabbit food.”  The recipes are also loved by my husband, who is not watching his weight!”

“The Elimination Phase helped me seek out healthy meal and snack alternatives instead of reaching for the same bad choices.  It also helped me discover foods that were inhibiting my weight loss.  Some foods considered healthy I found were making me sick.  Now I enjoy eating to feel better.